What Should I Do About A Wrongful Death Accident Claim in Georgia?

Losing a loved one due to fatal accident or wrongful death is a terrible experience. When a family member’s life is suddenly cut short as a result of the carelessness or negligence of another, the grief and feelings of loss can be […]

What Can a Wrongful Death Attorney Do for the Family of Someone Who Died in an Accident in Georgia?

Should You Hire an Attorney? What Should You Do?

When the worst happens, and someone you love dies in an accident caused by someone else, the family can be distraught. Funeral plans must be made, consoling family members is priority, and […]

How Does a Wrongful Death Claim in Georgia Work? Wrongful Death Attorney in Douglasville Georgia

What is Involved in a Wrongful Death Claim in Georgia?

If your family has lost a loved one in an accident, you may be considering filing a wrongful death claim to seek compensation for the damages you and your family have […]

Dealing With a Fatal Hit and Run Accident in Georgia

Hit and run accidents cause thousands of deaths and injuries nationwide every year, and, unfortunately, many hit and run victims are never able to hold the responsible driver accountable. Families of Georgia Wrongful Death victims are left with expensive medical […]

Accidents Happen at Six Flags Over Georgia… What Can You Do About It?

When people visit theme parks, they expect to have a good time. Theme parks have an interest in keeping their visitors safe and happy, so they will keep coming back. Unfortunately, serious accidents can occur at and around theme parks […]

I-20 Fatal Auto Accidents in Georgia

Anywhere in the United States, highways are a place where fatal accidents can be caused due to excessive vehicle speeds, intoxicated or distracted driving, and heavy traffic conditions. In Georgia, Interstate 20 is the scene of many major crashes that […]

Georgia Wrongful Death Lawsuits and Legal Help | Attorney Near Carrollton, GA

Unquestionably, losing a loved one in death unexpectedly is the hardest human experience to deal with. There are several Carrollton, GA families that are coping with such a situation, because of the recent fatal accidents in Georgia that have taken […]

What is a “survival action” in the context of a Georgia wrongful death claim?

When you lose a loved one in an accident your family shouldn’t have to suffer this loss without answers. If the death was caused by negligence of another party, like a drunk driver or an irresponsible medical professional, get compensation […]

What do I need to prove in order to file a wrongful death claim in Georgia after a fatal car accident?

After a fatal car accident in Georgia, the burden of proof for filing a wrongful death claim with Georgia courts is comparable to any other personal injury case, and includes demonstrating the following: 

other party’s actions or negligence caused the accident
injuries […]

What are the common defensive arguments in a Georgia wrongful death case after an auto accident?

The most common defensive arguments you and your lawyer will face in a Georgia wrongful death claim after you’ve lost a loved one in a fatal car accident will probably include one or several of the following: 

that the defendant did […]