$35,000 Georgia Worker’s Compensation Settlement for a Foot Injury

Our client was working for a Georgia employer. While they were working, our client badly injured their foot, and was no longer able to continue working until their foot was healed.

We helped our client file a Georgia Worker’s Compensation claim, […]

$50,000 Settlement for Torn Rotator Cuff Injury from Nursing Home Job

Our client was employed at a nursing home located in Georgia. During our client’s employment there, she sustained a torn rotator cuff injury. This injury made it very difficult for her to move her shoulder. A torn rotator cuff often […]

$35,000 Settlement Broken Arm Injury | GA Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Our client was hurt while working for a Georgia employer. The work accident caused our client a broken arm. Because of the injury, they were unable to perform their job duties at normal capacity.

Because of the way the company was […]

$50K GA Worker’s Comp Settlement | Client Suffers Serious Knee Injury

Our client was hurt on the job, and sustained a very painful knee injury. After realizing that the Worker’s Compensation system was hindering him from getting better and was making it difficult for him to get his benefits, he decided […]

$170K GA Worker’s Compensation Settled for Crushed Leg & Foot Injury

Our client was working at his job. An accident occurred while he was working, and his foot and leg were crushed. He also suffered chronic pain and back pain. He reported his injury to his supervisor, and wanted to file […]

$75K Settlement for Torn Rotator Cuff Work Injury | GA Worker’s Comp

Our client did physical labor for work, and was injured. The client experienced severe chest pain, but there didn’t seem to be anything wrong with his chest. With thorough examination and an MRI, our client found out he had a […]

$20,000 Settlement | Work Accident in GA Causes Part-time Employee to Suffer Back Injury

A part-time worker suffered from a on-the-job accident and had lower back injuries. She has to be treated with multiple facet injections for the nerve damage caused by chronic lumber radiculopathy. She was awarded $20,000.00 in settlement.

Awarded: 20,000.0

DISCLAIMER: Please note […]

$100,000 Settlement for Head Injuries from Work-related Semi-truck Accident

Our client was seriously injured in a trucking accident. His accident occured on I-20 near Six Flags Hill while driving a tractor trailor for work. The accident involved multiple cars which rolled over as a result of the accident. Our […]

$25,000 Georgia Workers’ Comp Injury Settlement | Woman Fell at Work

Our client was an employee at a company in Georgia. While she was working, she fell and seriously hurt her neck and back. After reporting her injury, she needed medical care because she continued to have intense neck and back […]

Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Metro Atlanta, Georgia

If you have had a work accident and you are suffering from a injury that happened at work, and this injury has stopped you from working completely, or limited your capability of working, call Attorney James Murphy right now if […]