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This Little Mistake Can Cost Your Family Thousands (But It’s a Mistake Anyone Could Make)!


Drunk Driving Accidents: Don’t get cheated out of a fair settlement.

Insurance tricks and tactics are still alive and well, and even when it’s obvious that a person is not at-fault for an accident, especially one caused by a drunk driver, insurance companies may still fight to deny or greatly reduce the worth of an auto injury claim.

If someone was hurt in an accident caused by a drunk driver, there is much more to be compensated for than just doling out criminal charges. The injured person now has medical bills, doctor visits, property damage, lost time at work, and more… Shouldn’t they be fairly compensation for this? Although local authorities will probably take over the criminal side of the case, it is more than likely you’ll need a Personal Injury Attorney (who has experience with DUI cases) to take care of the injury case (civil case).

In our Free Guide, “Georgia Drunk Driving – The Accident Victim Guide,” you’ll learn 3 important things every family should know about DUI accidents, and what some of your rights are, and much more.  


This is one mistake that seems insignificant, but giving a recorded statement can be a fatal blow for an injury case. One BIG reason the insurance company wants a recorded statement is to catch you saying something that will reduce the worth of your claim. Giving a recorded statement is one “NOT-SO-LITTLE MISTAKE” that has cost families thousands of dollars in compensation. A personal injury attorney will be able to guide you through the insurance process safely, and protect your claim from the insurance vultures.

Attorney James Murphy has helped many families who have suffered serious injuries because of a DUI driver, and he has helped maximize their compensation with he legal knowledge.

Get a FREE CONSULTATION with Attorney James Murphy by calling 770-577-3020!

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FREE DUI Accident Book

Georgia Drunk Driving – The Accident Victim Guide

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